The Project

Our approach is threefold: (1) An Art Centre with public exhibitions, events, retreats and classes. (2) An International Artist Residency Program where the sculptor meets the local stone carver, the environmental scientist works alongside the landscape architect, who in turn learns viticulture from the neighbour. (3) A small-scale farm for practical and educational purposes, for exploration and innovation.


  • The Art Center

    HIBOU will become a cultural centre and a meeting place for the local community, offering art and music classes for children of all ages and retreats for teenagers and...

  • The Artist Residence

    The Residency Program will be open for a wide range of disciplines, groups or individuals, with a focus on cultural exchange with each other and the local community....

  • The Land

    The land will contain a small-scale farm for practical and educational purposes.  ...

The Story

We fell in love with this place because of the beautiful stonework, its proximity to nature and the stunning scenery. However, when we first saw the property, it looked like this:


  • The Horse Stable

    Most of the stonework in all five buildings were covered in vegetation, a few roofs were caving in, debris and plants made it impossible to walk into most of them.  ...

  • The Barn

    As you can see in this image, the big barn was hidden in thick ivy....

  • Inside the Barn

    In this state, when we did not know what was savable or salvageable, we trusted that whatever we could keep, would be worth it. There were many surprises. The horse stable for instance, was in surprisingly good condition, and after the clearing of vegetation it seemed to triple...

  • The Property

    The buildings are now clean, unsafe roofs have been removed, several holes in the stone walls have been mended, land has been cleared and leveled, but there is, needless to say, still a long way to go …...

About Us

We are an international group of visual artists, musicians, heritage conservationists and a project manager to keep the rest of us in check. The centre will grow organically; we must maintain a dialogue with the residents and the locals, to ensure that we are fulfilling our purpose.




The Team

  • Elin Jusélius


    Swedish artist with a BA in Sociology and Fine Arts from Hofstra University and a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from Pratt Institute, NY.

  • Daniel Hausammann

    Project Leader

    A swiss business owner and Marketing Manager with a background in project leading at an advertising agency.

  • Agata Sánchez

    Social Media/ Art Events Coordinator

    Spanish artist with work experience in artfairs like SCOPE NY, BASEL ’15 and JustMAD Madrid ’16. Has lived in NY, Hamburg, Tokyo, Kathmandu, Bissau.

  • Béatrice Bihan

    Communication Consultant

    A communication strategies expert with experience in international advertising and design agencies. Masters in Territorial Marketing from CELSA Paris-Sorbonne.

  • Paula Jaakkola

    Music Coordinator

    Finnish vocalist, musician, composer, lyricist and teacher. Paula has a Master Of Arts in Ethnomusicology, a degree in Jazz vocals from the New School University in NYC.

  • Ape Anttila

    Music Coordinator

    A musician, composer and music producer from Finland. Director of the Sibelius Academy Youth Jazz Dept. Has performed with artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis.

  • Kaori Noriyasu


    Project management expert in entertainment, art and design. Stage lighting designer and tour/marketing manager for multimedia performance group BELLA GAIA.

  • Collaborators & Advisors

    We are very fortunate to have an esteemed group of accomplished advisors and partners. Each of them brings years of experience and expertise in their fields.  ...

  • The Architects

    We have the great pleasure of working with afoam on the redesign of the ruins as well as the designs of the residents accommodation.   afoam is a team of 11...

  • The Construction Manager

    A project of this magnitude and delicate nature need an experienced and thoughtful manager with a high stress tolerance. Luckily, we found the man for the job: Alex...

Get Involved

The buildings restoration will be a process — taking place over several years — allowing residents to observe the skilled craftsmanship and letting preservation students take part in the work.
  • Volunteering

    To learn about volunteering – and future residency opportunities please send us an email.

  • Individual Sponsors

    For individual sponsors we will offer various rewards for sponsorship, including the opportunity to do a residency without approval of the selection committee (the only time this will be possible).

  • Corporate Sponsors

    Potential corporate sponsors:  we are happy to send you additional information and a copy of our business plan at request. Please get in touch  to find out about different sponsorship opportunities.

  • Newsletter

    Please sign up to our mailing list (link below) for information about upcoming events and ways to get involved.


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