The Artist Residence

The Residency Program will be open for a wide range of disciplines, groups or individuals, with a focus on cultural exchange with each other and the local community.

We want to offer a break from hectic city life, while at the same time make it possible to easily experience the rich cultural heritage of the nearby towns and cities.
There will be private and semi-private housing available for a number of artists at the same time. Through programming, the year will be divided into periods for collaboration and periods of individually focused work.
There will be two main studio spaces; one for painting and one for heavier work, e.g. creating larger sculptures: The large barn — which was probably originally used to store Cognac in the early 1800’s — will become a gallery and a studio space, which can be increased in size with a movable wall, depending on the needs of the artists.
The classroom for art and music classes, will be available for the residents use outside of scheduled classes.
Residents will live in movable “tiny houses” — sculptures in their own right — single story and duplexes, equipped with bed, desk, cupboard and shelf space. All designed by afoam [link:] an international group of award-winning architects based in New York City.
Kitchen/dining and bathroom facilities will be located in a common building, with a bright, spacious dining area and open plan kitchen.
Residents who so wish, may lend a hand in the farming and enjoy the simple pleasure of growing their own food.

  • Massing Study
  • Tiny House
  • Gallery/ Painting Studio
  • The future Sculpture Studio
  • The future Sculpture Studio
  • The future Sculpture Studio

• 08.01.2016

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