The Construction Manager

A project of this magnitude and delicate nature need an experienced and thoughtful manager with a high stress tolerance. Luckily, we found the man for the job: Alex Hodgekiss from McGregor Rénovation.

  • Examples of Alex's craftsmanship
  • Combining the old and the new.
  • A recent project.
Alex comes from “a family tradition of builders & takes great pride in quality craftsmanship. Specializing in sympathetically restoring old buildings in the traditional style of the region. Treading the fine line between renovation & restoration, a modern home with history”.
Alex has demonstrated his abilities with this project with his historical knowledge of the building techniques of the region and by carefully separating salvageable materials, including some non- salvageable pieces to used as moulds in the reconstruction.
To see more examples of Alex work please visit: McGregor Rénovation


• 01.02.2016

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